Chipsets: AMD 760g vs AMD 970

I am picking out a new motherboard for my AMD FX 6100 and was wondering if it was worth spending the extra money and waiting for "Super Eggsaver" shipping to get the 970 and a bigger case. What would the perfomance difference be? I won't be overclocking my CPU.

Practical performance won't differ much as far as graphics or CPU goes, but the 760G option is an older generation and the boards might lack some interesting features. If you pick a 760G based board then it's best to make sure that it really supports the exact CPU model, by looking at the manufacturers website.

personally id get the better chipset if the difference in cost isnt that much.  thats just me wanting peace of mind.  i got along fine with the gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3 board for quite a while, not bad for overclocking either but i eventually sold it and moved to the m5a99x because i want this my machine to last a while.  if your not pushing too hard, and both boards have the enough pci-e lanes to keep you happy, then go for the cheaper one. 



the biggest notice-able differences between the chipsets would be the power delivery circuit that normally accompany these chipsets.


when 760g was current, you didn't have this uarch. the power requirements are not in the same realm (not in terms of wattage but quality of the VRM circuit.)


900 series chipsets are more up to date with their vrm circuits for the semi current offering from AMD.

IIRC 6100 is a 95w hex core ya? I would suggest highly at-least going with a 970 chipset.

If you had an 8000 series chip or greater i would suggest nothing less then a 990fx chipset.

IF you decide to go 970, asus brand boards are not exactly the best around.  I would suggest an Asrock Extreme3 if you go 970 (or the gigabyte UD3 970)


the other significant differences would be that neither support xfire/sli officially but some have managed it with the 970.

beyond that not much real world difference.

If you are looking to overclock, consider the 990fx chipset. for better power delivery. 

970 chipset is  a more uptodate chipset with some extra feutures like 6x sata 3. and usb 3.0. but thats basicly it. power delivery on some 970 boards would  be a bit better.But for your FX6100 it would not be much of diffrence.


Honestly its a pretty good board, I am insane enough to run my FX-8320 stock on it and its been running fine, I am not gonna even try overclocking on it through.

I would say go with a gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3.