Chip shortage email from vendor

Lol I ordered some components back in October I think, and just got an email from the vendor:

July sounds about right. Supply chain is messed up


Happened to me too with some components. I have been waiting on delivery since the original delivery date was missed back in May. I can’t get a refund because the products are “in transit”.

I am glad I hoarded some stuff back in 2018 but some of my interesting home automation ideas are on hold until I can get these component and ICs

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When 2020 started and we were in full lockdown had a side business of building and selling decent work from home computers. Everything decent on the used market was still cheap cause the situation hadn’t hit yet, only thing that was hard to get was new SSD’s greater than 250gb. I hoarded every mechanical SATA drive that came my way for like 10 years so I was able to get each one setup on a raid 0. Saved my butt and helped me clear out space for more computer junk.


There’s like 3 different components I ordered that all have this ETA. Yeah I hoarded enough stuff in February 2020 before things got crazy. Still trying to get more, but these are more nice to haves rather than needs for me

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Out of curiousity, what did you order?

Some RAM and a GPU… for my velka 3 case which I’ve had for the better part of two years, but still haven’t gotten around to building yet and looks like it won’t happen for a while

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I feel you. My GTX 970 likes to say hi as well. No way I’m buying more than 150% MSRP.


Radeon HD 7790 here on 6300-FX on a 990FX chipset. I am probably going to have to bite the bullet and buy a Lenovo Ryzen laptop in order to get off of PoorDozer with a reasonable GPU update.


At least it looks like now the GPU situation gets a little bit better.

But: I’ve ordered a broadcom HBA 9500 hostbus adapter end of March. Delivery date on website was 4th March. Instead of the card I got a mail that delivery date has been shifted to start of August, and today I got a mail that unconfirmed delivery date is end of January 2023! Arghhl

Mellanox cards seem also to be sold out in Europe.

Lol yeah, that order I placed back in October just got delivered recently. I posted it in the what you’ve acquired recently thread. A2000, finally able to start getting other parts for my velka build now

I am still waiting on four “smart” plugs that I ordered in March of 2021. No word from Amazon when they will get here and I cannot cancel the order.

Better hearing of delays, than just getting the rug yanked
Had 3 separate orders get cancelled out, after several months waiting
Ryzen 3 3300x [feccin’ paper launch!?], GTX1660S, RTX 3070 [non-LHR]

Most of our products leave the factory in 4-6 weeks right now but a chip shortage has one of our product lines pushed at least 6 months!

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