Chinese hax ip:

Hey guys!

SO, apparently someone in Hefei, China tried to hack my google account. 

I just thought I'd put his IP out there in case someone wanted to say HI to him for me?????

I find it interesting he was using Windows XP with IE6

lol you can tell that from his IP???

The funniest are those Paypal phishers you get an email from.
 if you remove the "/login" or whatever comes after the ip you can access their control panel and server which always appear to be their personal computer. xD

I could find some pics of that person who was sending thee emails and collecting accounts and sent everything to the fbi :) 

You're not the only one. This has happened to me plenty of times, and when Google gives you a warning message about it, it means they TRIED to access it in some way. They haven't succeeded, and when you said that it wasn't you, they will block that IP address from accessing the account in anyway

Literally happened to me a few hours ago...hmmmm seems convienient.

Googled it

Run Malwarebytes... Found a trojan when I did... Dunno how that sucker snuck onto my OS SSD though, was in a temp file??

I will when I get home. I reset my password and all that jazz from work so hopefully it either is on my computer at home, or doesn't exist at all. Here's the IP:

From the same area it looks like.

I'm curious as to where it came from, seeing as how I haven't downloaded shady things, etc, and I just recently clean installed windows on my laptop, so the only things on there right now are a few necessary programs and windows. Hmmmm. Guess we'll see. I'll get back to you on it.

More specific plz

I had malwarebytes hit a "trojan" but it was a file shredding program that I have. I deleted it anyways, but I don't think it was a trojan issue. Not sure what the deal was.

Did you both click on the same porn link? You can get a virus like that, A FRIEND TOLD ME THAT HE DID >.>

I've also ran into this issue myself, seems the guy didn't manage to install anything (from what I can tell) but here is his IP if you wanna have a little fun with the dude