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Chinese Drone Makers (read: DJI) A Threat To (US) National Security


This sounds familiar, after Huawei first being accuses of the same thing and now ending up where they are currently, I don’t see this going well for DJI.

Huawei was one thing, their phones were not hugly popular in America, as far as I could see, but DJI is THE drone to have and if you make videos then it is the go to. So this will likely stir up more noise than the Huawei thing in the general public.

I bet a few people here have DJI stuff and I know youtubers love them frequently seeing their place ment and recommendations.

First reported here:



This article is from 2017, but suggests there are legit security concerns with DJI’s storing of confidential information… and even having flight records??

a SSL key leak that affected a server containing sensitive customer data, including contact information and user flight records belonging to military personnel.



this new Mccarthyism is getting old tbh
first we had to register drones under Os administration and now tHeY hAcKiNg Ur WiFi

although admittedly the registration wasnt because China