Childhood Homeworld memories

Hi Tek,

Who remembers this one: The first time you saw the Hiiaga mothership with that freaking awsome music in the background ! It was the second game I bought in my life and the only thing I regret is not having played it more often.

I know by todays standards it must look awfull, but back in the day Homeworld was so badass man. An RTS but completely in 3D. The attention to detail just blew my mind ! The guns on the big ships recoiling as they fired, the particle effects, ow man ! I don't have enough fingers to count how many times I replayed it. My favorite thing way 'harvesting' the eneymies capital ships with those repair frigates (or corvettes?). I would sacrifice a few carriers sometimes just to bring a swarm of them in close enough to be able to grab one or two capitals and haul them back to the mothership. Seeing that sidepanel on the Hiigara close up to refit one capital, while another was still waiting in formation next to the Hiiagara was so sweet :P

So, what was your favorite Homeworld memory and who has been saving up for the Homeworld Remastered Collectors Edition ?

Ya, I hardly ever built capital ships. lol they attack me i would steal most of the capital ships.

It's been a long time for me since the first, but I have both Homeworld 2 and Cataclysm. Seeing as Borderlands is the only game Gearbox does a somewhat decent job and the rest are horrible... my heart sank when they picked up the rights to Homeworld.