Cherry MX vs Regular

What is so good about a Cherry MX keyboard vs just a regular keyboard. Why are they so much more than regular keyboards that don't have Cherry MX switches? I don't really know much about keyboards but still... I want to know what the difference is!

The difference is that a CherryMX keyboard is a mechanical keyboard where as "regular" keyboards use some sort of membrane and rubber dome configuration.

The befits of the Cherry's are they come in different types to suit your preferences, have a more linear or tactile response which helps in games or helps reduce errors when typing, and are generally better IMO.

Do you mean Mechanical vs Rubber Dome, or Cherry MX vs other switch manufacturers?  I assume you mean Mechanical (not all mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX switches, they are just the most popular among mainstream boards).  Anyway, in general, mechanical switches tend to be more reliable and last longer than rubber dome/membrane switches.  Then there's the feel.  Most mechanical switches have a nice tactile feedback that is great for typing.  There's also enough switch type variations to match almost anyone's needs/preferences.

Take all that and add in that a good portion of mechanical keyboard manufactures also tend to produce higher quality boards over all, and there you have it.

There are a lot of technical differences, but the gist of it is that is just feels different, and they're much more satisfying to type on.

Cherry MX makes a specific type of mechanical switch, and I'd say most mechanical keyboards use CherryMX switches, though there are other switch manufacturers, as well as a different switch type entirely (Buckling Spring). In most cases, mechanical keyboards are far more durable than the more common rubber dome keyboards, and often use higher quality materials, and thus more expensive. There is also the option to customize the feel to a certain extent, as different mechanical switches can have different characteristics for different use cases. Blue switches are tactile and clicky when actuated, and thus are good for typing, while red switches require little pressure, and are direct, so are good for gaming that requires quick response.

Mechanical keyboards aren't for everyone, but the people that do like them love them. I've never been much for luxuries when it comes to computing; I'm quite the utilitarian, focusing on bang for the buck (my case was $28 in 2011, and still in use, equipped with $5 fans that sound like jets, and one is even ghetto mounted via zip-tie; I got a P67 motherboard instead of a Z68 because it was $5 cheaper, and I didn't give a rat's ass about the iGPU - in hindsight, big mistake, but I was happy at the time), but after buying a MX Brown (tactile, NOT clicky) keyboard, I can't stand using other keyboards. I also type faster on it with less errors, due to tactile response giving me confirmation as well as preventing accidental key presses. For others, another benefit is less typing fatigue as mechanical keyboards don't need to bottom-out (ie be pressed all the way) to actuate, but I still bottom out anyway because that's I learned to type, and I like the sound of the keys banging against the steel back-plate.

Again, lots of little differences that ultimately come down to a different, premium feel.

Ok, thanks guys! I was really confused what the difference was. I never understood what was so good about them but now I see the difference.

I'd like to try the new Razer switches side-by-side a Cherry MX switch.