Cherry MX Red vs. Brown: Will I notice the difference?

Is the subtle tactile bump in the brown that noticeable?

Very noticeable difference. And in my opinion makes typing on browns much nicer than reds, so much so that I'm thinking of getting a brown switch keyboard for home after getting one for work despite having a perfectly functional red switch one at home.

Yes, you will... It is not a small difference at all. Keeping in mind, i have never used mechanical keyboard (and i will not, until it becomes cheaper, then a noticeable hardware upgrade for me), the click will be felt any time you press a key, and keeping in mind i am used to rubber ones, i would rather go with non tactile non klicky keyboard. But many people, as @tnpeel said, prefer tactile clicky switches and feel better with that kind of switch...

absolutely, browns are much more quiet. and they are a TINY bit heavier.. just a bit. the red switches are the lightest switch Cherry has i believe.

I think the browns are actually better for typing and gaming. I have a keyboard with browns right now, and they're pretty great.

Take this with a grain of salt, though. I don't currently have a reds keyboard next to me, so I can't directly compare at the moment.

I went with MXRed.

I used to have a MX Blue which is just a noisy MX Brown. Sure I could type faster, but it was noisy as fuck all the time, it hurt my hands, and I couldn't game on it because shit would ghost if I just rested my fingers on keys.

I like the blues, browns and greens. the greens are rare. but they are the closest to the Buckling springs of the Old IBM keyboards. they are heavy as shit.

Objectively red are better for gaming

Reds are lighter than browns (MX's lightest switch) and have a linear travel, (you can't feel the actuation) this is good for gaming because there is no hard reset point to overcoming meaning you can double click and float over that acuation point very quickly without having to reset the actuation like you would on a tactile switch.

Browns are a little bit heavier than reds, but are not heavy at all really. they are tactile, The feedback given by a tactile switch is objectively better for typing because its more responsive.

It all depends on what you want out of the keyboard. Many people like the tactileness of blues and use those for gaming, a case of someone prefering the objectivty of the switch design for their own preference.

Yep. Reds are nice enough, still good for typing provided you're accurate enough. Otherwise browns have that slight bump, are nicer to type and imho just the same for gaming.
Whatever switch you get if you decide to decrease the volume its as easy as getting the small rubber o-rings. They work wonders.
Try some different switches out if you can. You might prefer blacks or blues or those razer switches.

The difference between brown and red switches is easily noticeable. As one is just a spring that goes down until it hits the backplate, and other has a notch in the middle to indicate actuation.

What you will like more depends entirely on your subjective taste. You have to try to know. For example, I personally like browns the least of all cherry switches.

I have a tester on my desk, yes the difference between red and brown is easily noticeably.

The clicky kinds of switches are less well suited for gaming since you get used to the click as a signal for actuation. I found myself depressing keys without wanting to on my MX Green (Ducky Shine 3, going to send it back because 3 LEDs died already).

If you want rare switches try MX milky-whites they are slightly clicky and have a tactile bump. But I can't get them anywhere in Germany so I settled with Greens.

I have reds and I really don't like them for typing. A good bit of the time it will end up registering a double key press (seems to occur on certain letters more). It really is annoying and if you are anyway inaccurate (like @deejeta said), it can easily register neighbouring keys.

Yeah don't get reds if you type anyway frequently. That's my opinion anyway.

It is noticeable, I use browns and prefer them, while it is nice I tend to be heavy handed and dip the switch out entirely.

Do you know what brands use the green switches? Razer has some switches which are neither red, blue or browns.

The WASD keyboards. And Cooler Master is like the only two companies that make them.

Razer has gone away from Cherry switches to cut costs.

Cherry's patent on the switch has expired so razer is copying them with a Kale branded switch. These according to reviews are substandard even though razer markets them to be "designed for gaming" Don't buy razer shit.

Greens are more rare because less people want them. Manufactorers like DAS, & WASD have green switch keyboards iirc

@Kat and @NJM1112 thanks for the info. I was always skeptical about Razer stuff. I was looking for a Keyboard with blue or green switches that has the European layout (large enter key) and white backlit LEDs. I was about to buy Corsair K70 RGB MX Blue but they stopped making the blue switches.

Ducky has only Red/Blue LEDs and DAS 4 professional doesn't have any LEDs. So I'm left with Cooler Master and WASD but don't know if they make keyboards with Europe layout.

My Ducky has White LEDs, there are green ones too. Although I cannot really recommend the Shine 3 since it has a tenendcy to have LEDs dying (mine has 3 dead, going to return it).