Cherry MX Brown, Black Keyboard

I was wondering if anyone knows where to find a relatively good Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard but the board is black. Corsair has one but the board is Gun Metal/Silver. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

just got a rosewill one. black keyboard, red under tray.

Here just got it  cm storm quickfire ultimate(brown switches)

The Rosewill RK-9000 is black and comes in brown switches nice keyboard I have one.  You can also look at the CM Storm quickfire comes in a few different styles.  Logitech g710+ is nice too but its not solid black but you might like it.  Other wise Das and Filco tend to have some plain all black keyboards too like the Das Model S Pro is on amazon

I recommend the Ducky Shine series as well. I've got a Ducky Shine II with MX Browns. It's excellent!

One of my favorite brands, they make this with Cherry MX Brown.  Very well build keyboard with detachable hand rest and it is soft touch and has rubber coating throughout the keyboard, as well as the keys.  I'd say this and the Ducky Shine are my two favorite mechanical keyboards at the moment.

Cooler Master Quickfire TK (white LED on the brown switch model)

Cooler Master Storm Trigger (red LED, macro keys, wrist rest)

Logitech G710 (white LED, macro keys/software, media keys, volume wheel, wrist rest o-rings pre-installed)

MAX Keyboard Nighthawk X8 (any LED color and can customize individual key colors on their own website, high quality wrist rest included)

Ducky Shine II/3/ (any switch / LED color combination but might be hard to find exactly what you want)

Ducky Zero S (same as above)

Das Keyboard (any switch but no backlight AFAIK)