Cherry MX Blue/Green Switch Mechanical Keyboards

This is it, I've given up on waiting for a Corsair K95 RGB in Blues. Never seen one available, the Blue switch version is even unlisted on Corsair's site. Are there any other high quality, backlit (preferably, with or without RGB capability), and clean looking mechanical keyboards out there that any of you know of?

I've been looking at WASD Keyboards, specifically the CODE in greens and their 104 key in blues. Opinions?

That would be sick, but I doubt it.

My thoughts exactly.

Ducky Shine 3 has greens, blues and is backlit

Razer Blackwidow Chroma has green clone switches and is RGB

I'm just too picky, little things about both of those drive me insane. That's probably why I can't find a keyboard... Thanks for your help, though.

The WASD Code is a good choice, great board.  Deck also offers backlit boards available with blue switches.  As does Ducky, but if you don't like one Ducky, you probably won't like any Ducky lol.  Coolermaster also has a backlit board that is available with Blues.  There's options out there if you're tired of waiting for Corsair.


The CODE is an amazing keyboard, I've used both the clear and green variants.  Cooler Master also makes keyboards with backlit blues, and they had greens at one point but I don't know if those are still a thing.

I'm starting to lean pretty heavily toward the CODE, but I'll look into Deck. Thanks for the input. 

You won't go wrong with either.