Cheese addiction

I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian and I love spicy food. I make my own hot sauce and put it on/in almost everything. I love to make my own soups and smoothies and other recipes, but I can't get over the evil addiction that is cheese. I've never really had a problem with cheese until this morning I woke up feeling really bloated and I can only blame the cheese. 

How do I replace this beautiful but deadly food in a healthy and delicious manner?

(Although I enjoy cooking, I also rely heavily on convenience most of the time, so simply to prepare solutions are a bonus.)

Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian as well, I know what you mean, I just try to avoid cheese for a couple of days a week. Cheese is just sooo good. :/

i don't understand. are you "not allowed" to eat cheese, or are you unable to digest it properly?

Maybe see your doctor or nutritionist for the latter.

I'm allowed, I just feel that I eat too much of it.

Maybe I shall be a weekend cheeser.

play sports... cheese is just fat and protein for the most part. both things you need if you play sports.

Not a vegetarian, but also not the person who says we have salad when offering you something to eat.

What is it about cheese that makes you keep coming back?  Are you eating it straight or mixing it with everything?  What do you normally eat with it?

Troll response: This just in from The Tek for all you who love cheese but can't handle animal mistreatment, YEAST CHEESE!  Even Logan, the purist, will eat this genetically modified food.

~I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner but I'm bad about following forums ... I can't even find my thread on steam even with the links steam provides.

Last year, I went vegetarian for ~6 months. For me, this just meant no meat. Eggs and cheese and stuff were fair game.

So, I also struggled a bit when deciding how much cheese I should be intaking. Like anything else, really, I found the best thing to do was just put in rules. Buy only one pack of your favourite cheese per week. Get used to ordering (or making) sandwiches 'without cheese.' Etc.

But keep in mind that you have two mindsets now: rational and irrational.
- Rational when you've had your cheese fix.
- Irrational when you haven't.

I'd say that that key is to put rules in place for yourself (while you're rational) that work when you're irrational. Reminders on your phone or PC. 'Motivational' signs around your apartment? This would help in reducing cheese intake, but not really for 'replacing' it. 

In terms of replacement, maybe some protein powders? You mention that you like smoothies, so perhaps you could mix some protein powders in there. There's plenty of plant-based vegan powders out there. Vega Sport is one of them, which I use after workouts and stuff.

I'm an engineer, not a nutritionist, so don't gut me if I'm missing details or something lol.

Well, as someone who is majoring in dietetics, I can tell you small amounts of cheese daily are good for you. Grass-fed cheeses such as Gouda are nutrient packed. 

I made a deep fried camembert yesterday for some guests and it was pretty awesome.

I find cheese is something I put with things to complete a meal. Pizza needs cheese, veggie burgers need cheese, pasta bake needs cheese.

I usually go for mature cheddar. How is that?

How much cheese are we talking about? I.E. I eat about 3oz of sharp cheddar at a time and consider that about normal amount to eat.

I think that's an e.g. I probably don't eat any more than that on most days.

Yes that would be e.g. and if I hadn't added about I could have used either. That much a few times a week is not bad for you. I would try to refrain from eating dense foods within 5-6 hours of sleeping though.

That is a good point, I do often eat late rather than early.