Check this $1500 rig

Think I finally found the right combo of parts. Still open to suggestion of course. Some of the reasons I pick what I did was the mobo has integrated wifi and LAN from intel. And the case is super quiet, I have more of a need for quiet than a full sized monster. Other than that just tried to get good quality and performance oriented stuff.

Asus DC II 7970 for 350$ ?!



I'd find a cheaper 2x8gb kit. Get a 20$ dvd drive too, just because you can afford it doesn't mean ya' need it.

Then get an ADATA Sx900 256Gb SSD. It's only like 190$.

Imo a 120GB SSD isn't worth the moneys.

Awww Yeah!


It's a BD writeer, not just an expensive DVD writer. I'll look into the ADATA, I've only heard great things about the hyper X. Thanks.

i no it iz bat i don thnk u need it

Any reasons why you switched some of the components?

Noctua nh-d14 is the best air cooler in the world, even better than h100

I picked this MSi MB cause gives most for the buck, you get everything you need for OC-ing and future upgrades,

Ram speed makes no diference in real life so I changed that, and I highly recomend the case TT Overseer rx-1, its full tower case (i have it) plenty of room, and 2x200mm fans +1x140mm (see the on line reviews)

i also like CM Storm Trooper, if you can afford it buy him..

That noctra looks pretty cool. Not sure about that mobo tho, I mean it sounds really good but maybe not the best for me. Your probably right about the RAM too, it's so easy to get sucked into the benchmarks and in reality something might me a few nano seconds faster. But I still like the look and features of the Fractel R4 over the overseer and stormtrooper.

But thanks for the input.

the website says that your gpu is discontinued.


Noctuas are so freaking ugly...

Oh, what a pile of fuck. Looks like all the ones at a decent price are out of stock.