Check Over My Build

I have decided to go with the FX-6300 and have built the following budget build. I need to know what you guys think of the motherboard, graphics card, psu, and the build in general. Any comments, suggestions, and crticism are appreciated! 

Here is the build:

Looks pretty good overall but might I reccomend a thing or 2,

1. You might want to get a graphics card from this generation a 660Ti is an amazing card it is very compariable to a 670 and can overclock a fair bit depending on your skill

2. you might want to go with a PSU from a good dealer, Though i have never had a rosewill PSU i myself wouldn't trust them i would go with a corsair, seasonic or anything like that that is a high quality for if your PSU goes your system has the possabality of going along with it.

Thanks for the reply!

Sadly, the 660ti does not fit into my ~$550 budget while the 560ti does, and I am pretty sure that this 560ti gets close performance to the 1gb 7850 I would get instead. I agree that the PSU might be a bad choice and I would accept advice on a better one that is still somewhat cheap. 

That is where i forgot to mention it would be nice to say what you are going to use the machine for and what your budgit is otherwise amd is a great choice for budgit graphics cards and for a PSU don't cheap out if you need to wait a month or two and than get a higher end PSU