Check out these pics, is my card fried? (please he

Long story short:

Played cod 4 last night, colors got all weird and comp crashed booted it up and I get stuck on the black-white pic below.

Tried 2 monitors, same thing. Haven t changed anything, I not a CMOS/BIOS expert but i haven't changed any settings so i don't think it's that. Is my 8800GTX fried?



i dont know if its fried but i would RMA it.

I bought it from alienware like 3 years ago so I dont think that's available

well if its from a respectable vendor like xfx or evga which i doubt, then it may be under warranty. but do you have any idea what the temperatures were?

thats your problem

never again buy alienware

Or what's best, build your own PC. Unless it was bought off eBay, Trademe, Craiglists. etc (which a previous owner customised it), don't try to get prebuilt ones.

Now those displays might showed us some possible artifacts. Hmmm 3 years old... Did you ever OC the card. If so, how often did you do it? Also, what lolumad said, what were the temps of the video card and how good was the air flow inside the cae?

It is EVGA but it's been like 2-3 years. I'm not worried about te warranty, but I'm just trying to find out the problem.

Looks like a dying memory module. Dead card. Could try underclocking the memory and see if that helps, but i doubt it will.

Happened to me once, replaced the video card and it was fine.

I don't have the pictures anymore but my screen looked pretty much the exact same as yours.

Check for dust. overheating like a mofo probably.

It was dusty ash shit, got all the dust off but the card wont work still. I think it's freid and Im just gonna get a 260 gtx

Its definitely the GPU, I see this problem all the time.

IF you're intending to get the 260, buy the ones with 216 cores. Otherwise, you might consider looking at the GTX 275 which is cheap also.

BTW Prawn, you're our leet poster, check this out:

OK, back on topic.....

Thanks a lot man, I appreciate that!

Does my motherboard come in to play with compatibility or no?

What's your motherboard?

If he's running a 8800GTX hes safe.

generally as long as your motherboard has a pci express slot you can run just about any gpu.

What do you mean he's safe with that 3 y/o card?

sounds and looks like a GPU problem ae

Make sure you're motherboard supports PCI-E and that you also have 2x 6pin power adapters, using a 2x 4pin molex to 1x 6 pin adapters sucks ass and inst recommended.