Check My Specs!?

I currently have a gaming machine which is about to go any week now. These are the specs from Tek Sydicates $750 video. My budget is £550 I'am happy to go over a bit. Any upgrades/downgrades all feedback will be appreciated!

Also, I'm mainly worried about the SSD


Motherboard- MSI 970A-G43

Processor- AMD 8350 CPU

Ram- Kingston HyperX Fury Memory

SSD- An ADATA [Recommend me a better SSD]

Power S- Corsair CX600 PSU

Fan- Cooler Master 212 Evo

Case- Deep Cool Terreract

Graphics Card- Sapphire R9 280X



I might change out the motherboard if I were you. I'm not sure how far I'd trust that VRM on that board as far as overclocking goes. Seeing as you're gonna pick up a 212 Evo, I'm assuming you plan on OCing. A 990FX board with a more robust power delivery might be worth the extra £.

For an SSD, I'd personally go with an 850 Evo, but the ADATA he suggested would be absolutely fine.

As far as cases go, get whatever you want really as long as it fits whatever form factor mobo you go with. I know Logan suggested that one, but cases are a pretty subjective choice, so go with what you like.

ADATA is a great company. I personally have never had issues with any of there products.
My first SSD was a ADATA and that little sucker has outlived 2 Samsung drives.
Not knocking Samsung either.

I don't know where your Anti- ADATA came from but I think you were misinformed.

Thanks Angel! Suggestions for the motherboard?

What's the full name of the ADATA SSD I would need? Also, is everything compatible..yeah my first PC was pre-built.

Crucial BX100 is a decent option also for an ssd, and cheap. Still curious if the 850evo is going to be plagued with the same reoccuring problems with slowing down that the 840 has, since they said it was fixed with firmware and is now back again.

My ADATA ssd is a Premier SP6000 64GB SSD.

I could look up a link on line and say BUY THIS!!!!! >>>>>
But really any SATA SSD will work for you. I would just shop for a SSD with good reviews large enough storage for your use. With a good price per GB.

PC Part Picker is a great site to compare current market prices.

I just bought a 256GB 850 Evo in my new build as the OS drive.
It has been rock solid have not had any issues at all.
Just reporting my current exp with the drive.

Thanks Bob!

Yeah please do! Also, I need a PCI-E card so my computer has wireless internet.

Do you have a AC WiFi router??
If no then get a Good branded Dual Band N card
found this ASUS card, with good reviews.

If you have a AC router you may want to look at AC WiFi cards, but they jump 2x to 3x in price compared to N.

Cheers man!

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Something like the GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P has an 8+2 phase VRM vs the 970A-G43's 5 phase (without a heatsink). You'd definitely have more luck overclocking on something like the UD3P.

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Depending on which games you plan on playing, I think you should skip the SSD and go for the R9 290. If you don't feel that you'll need that much graphics horsepower, then feel free to ignore this suggestion.