Check my parts please

So i have been taking apart old computers and putting them together over and over again and I think i'm ready to build my first PC from parts.  So can someone help me decide if the parts I am using are good and they will fit with each other.  All the parts ordered are from tiger direct.  Any expert opinion or advice is highly appreciated

CPU: Amd FX-8350 $184

GPU: Sapphire Radeon hd 7870 $234

RAM: Patriot signature 1333mhz 8gb (2x4gb) $50

Mobo: MSI 760gm-p23 amd motherboard $40

HDD: WD Blue 750 gb 5400 rpm 8mb cache $65

Case: Cooler Master RC-430-kwn1 mid tower atx $40

PSU: Cooler Master eXtreme power plus Rs500 Pcard3 500 watt $47

Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit $90


i found this setup for you :)

youre build is okay but there are some chances to make, you can allways look to my build if you can find some simelar parts on tiger direct.

Things to chance at youre build:

- Harddisk go to look for at least a 7200 rpm drive WD or Seagate.

- Ramm 2x4 GB from at least 1600 mhz or higher!

- mainboard is not bad but if i was you i should go for the one i picked up Asus M5A97 r 2.0 if you want a nicer board then Gigabye GA-970A-ud3

- power supply  i picked up a crosair builder 750 watt 80+bronze 80 + is inportant! 7870 will asked 500 as minimum psu!

- dont you need a DVD burner? or drive? i picked one up for ya in the build ;)

good luck

Grtz kira


You might want to go 1600mhz on the ram performs better, if you are going to game also as the psu you might want to get a better psu 80plus and at least 600 watts,

As for the mobo look for something better and throw in a cooler because the cpu runs hot.

Thank you! :)


Thanks for the advice!  I'll reconsider my build!


i edited my post in case some parts of my build arent to get on tiger hardware..

so you have an idea what to chance on youre build

What is your max budget, and the purpose of this build

$700-$850 give or take $20.  My purpose is gaming mostly.


Do this if you can't/ won't probably do the rebates and stuff

If you can, do this

Also, check if you have a laptop or other PC or something that has a Windows 7 COA sticker on it( the one with the product key.) If it's a 64-bit version, then you should be able to use it on this build without affecting that other system. If you can, then you'd be able to afford a 7970.