Check my build? (750 dollar)

Hey guys, its been a long time. Whilst I was gone, I got a job and now I have enough money to build a computer. Because I didnt want to blow my entire first paycheck, I decided to keep it under 750. This is the build..

If you guys could just check over it before I go ahead and place orders on all the parts, that would be heavenly.

Thanks in Advance


Looks good the only thing is your mobo, make sure that its the Asus M5A97 R2.0 board. should be same price.

i suppose you don´t need a  HDD

This is my suggestion

if youre just gaming 1333 ram is fine and also you can oc it to 1600

Thanks for the quick replies guys! Yes, I dont need a hard drive, I am just gonna get one from my older build.