Cheapo monitor

I live in the UK, and fancy buying a new monitor so I can have a dual screen setup. However i am a student, and as all UK students know money is rather hard to come by.

So can anybody reccomend a new DVI/HDMI monitor to go with my extremely old (but very reliable) acer 1440x900.

I have a budget of <£100.

So far I have looked at these.

Can anyone give me any advice on this subject, and perhaps some recommendations. 

Some info it would be good to know

1. Does having a faster responding monitor help your gaming.

2.If I have to downscale so games to get a reasonable performance on my budget rig. Will the scaledown to the kind of res I was at before hurt my performance?

cheers. Isaac




























Lowering resolution increases performance by a lot (depending on bandwidth and game).

Lower latency is preferred for gaming. Anything below 8ms is great.


Sounds good. Do you think the budget monitors here are OK though? (bearing in mind that I'm both an ex console gamer and the monitor I'm currently using is 7-8 years old.