CHEAPEST way to get PC PARTS (to Saudi Arabia)

I searched up online pc hardware stores that are in Ksa, but there are barely any! .. so I am confused.. should I get it from newegg and ship through what do you guys say? (the cheapest way)

Hey mate! I'm on the same boat here too bro. In alkhobar atm and there is absolutely no way to get pc parts xD

Best thing to do, (thing that me and some other dude on here did) was contact guys on facebook called (here's a link cuz im a nice guy: )

Basically, these guys can get your parts with quite a low shipping cost (dubai to saudi <$ than US to saudi) and their prices are damn near the US prices. Plus they have parts that are very new including the new GTX titan.

Hope it all works out buddy! :D


haha.. thanks dude, when will this thing open? I heard that these guys are about to announce thier opening.. any other sites like these ;) ? (thx I will keep this site in mind