Cheapest way to get an unlocked smartphone?

I'm really new to buying a smartphone, and I keep seeing how expensive unlocked phones are. I was wondering if there are any tips to finding the cheapest (not knock off) deals for a smartphone

Thanks in advance!

What phone do you want to get? If you go blackberry or android you can more than likely unlock it the easiest. Posting on these formus means you're not a sheeple so don't even let apple things enter your cranium.

My dad couple years back got an upgrade and gave me his old BB Torch which I unlocked myself. Can't remember how I did it but it had something to do with the phones code or something. Getting a 'locked' phone doesn't mean you can't unlock it

I'm thinking about getting either the Nexus 4 or the Samsung Galaxy s3, but no phone is out of the consideration. The nexus 4 is only $300 unlocked, which is cheaper than others, but I don't like that it doesn't have any expandable memory, so that's why i was looking for the s3 or some other phone, but those are so expensive unlocked that I was hoping there was a cheaper way of getting it.

cheaper way of getting a good phone like those, contract, thats it

may i ask why you want unlocked, and in what country you live

well what could you possibly be planning to do with it? I mean, for $250 the 16GB is plenty for a phone, I understand how you feel but honestly 8GB is even enough for me..

its enough space for all your app needs and plenty left over for music and what not, unless you plan on movies for some reason, the biggest reason to proably get the Nexus 4 though, is because you get updates strait from google.. so yeah shouldn't have to worry about support like other phones.

I would just get the nexux for 300

I'd say get the 16GB Nexus 4 model. It's only $350, unlocked, no BS bloatware, great specs, latest version of Android, and great support from Google and the hacking/modding scene if you ever go that way.