Cheapest Streaming Build you can make

Posting this up for a friend of mine and I like to help him out of the console gaming to Pc gaming. He would like to stream video games though.

He will using this machine for Web browsing and streaming video games so maybe light video editing as well because he like to post videos on his gaming experience when he has the time. Some games at the moment he would like to stream is Dayz, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Hidden, and maybe counter strike go. 

Upgrading him to over console quality graphics and moving on to pc gaming. He can fill his pc game library faster than one $60 xbox 360 game. Plus online pc games are free compared to the 19.99 or more for xbox live gold. Plus I love helping my friends especially when it comes to computers or technology in general.  

All he needs is the tower. 

I already thinking of a cpu and gpu but I am open to options. 

Cpu: 1) A10-5800k 2) AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3)AMD FX-6350

GPU 1)HD 7750 2)HD 7770 3)HD 7850 4) GeForce GTX 650 Ti

No windows os needed getting it free through my university

No keyboard/mouse/monitor because he has all of them 

Make it as cheap towards $250 if possible please. If not try to keep it under $450. 



You can certainly build a gaming PC for less than 450. However, it can be a tall order.

If you can design a rig with an AM3+ motherboard (cpu options 2 and 3) and an 7850, your friend is going to have a lot of upgrade paths, and a relatively good gaming experience.

Off the bat, it probably won't be great for video editing and streaming. Though, it will be capable, somewhat. You can buy an 8 core CPU at a later time, and a better GPU, when your budget permits.

i realy can´t do much better then this.

450 is realy tight for a streaming build, cause you need cores.

grtz Angel ☺

what have i done?

Thanks for all the replies guys. I will pass this information on to my friend and see if I can get him to not buy the new generation consoles. I honesty do not see the usefullness to having them as a pc could have done what these new consoles years ago. Call of Duty Ghosts looks like the Original Crysis six years ago. Your opinion on the new gen consoles? 

I will not be getting one... I'm going to save up for an amazing pc, the consoles are getting better, but pc will always reign supreme.

i would go for a pc indeed, the reason for it, an pc is allways upgradeble, a console you can´t do anything. If you look at my build, if he can spend about 25 bucks more then i could recommend, to buy a better motherboard. Like the Asus M5A97 R2.0. The reason for that is, that this motherboard, is FX vishera ready. So he can allways upgrade his cpu later, to a FX6300/8350, cause those extra core are realy handy for editing.And ofc he can upgrade his gpu also very inportant.

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Yeah thank you for the tips and opinions. After seeing the Xbox One reveal yesterday, I am so gratful I went to pc gaming and built my custom pc. :)