Cheapest rig that should be able to run Planetside 2

What would be the cheapest rig I can build that should be able to run Planetside 2 at decent settings?

I know the game has optimization problems but that is probably going fixed relatively quick.

Thanks in advance.


Depends, what roughly are you willing to spend? I mean Logan's under 700$ build is pretty kickass for the money and will run Planetside 2 pretty well if you are willing to spend more, or want to spend less let me know and I can help you out! :)

I'm willing to spend maximum 900 dollars, but would prefer the cheapest possible (obviouly)


Thanks for the quick answer btw.

Also, how necessary is it to spend much money on a motherboard?

I'm not planning on overclocking so I should be able to save money on it?

Well that 700$ build suits you well then. You have some extra cash left over for other gear, maybe a hdd. Logan always does a great job on the build videos, so it will be a kick-ass rig. I personally have the 7870, only with an AMD 8120 and I can run Planetside great! The 7870 will chew any game you throw at it! 


I would not change the motherboard, it is a high quality board. And you should never try be cheap with the motherboard or PSU. I would leave it as it is. Maybe even upgrade the cpu, but that's just me because I do a lot of video editing etc.  

Ok, thank you.


I think I'll replace the 965 with an AMD FX-4170

Dont go with the amd fx-4170 for 10$ more you can get a amd fx 6300.

Yeah, I agree with Ehone that build with a FX-6300 & maybe a data drive would be great (you might even have a spare one). So yeah, if you want my final advice take Logan's build. Swap the 965 with a FX-6300 you will have a great system, especially for the money! :)

The problem with Planetside 2 right now is the terrible optimization. You cannot cheap out on the CPU if you want to play PS2 as smoothly as possible, due to it being DX9. I have the game as high as I possibly can, and the frame-rates are in no way different from at the lowest, because my CPU keeps bottlenecking it at any quality. You'll honestly want an Intel CPU for this game unless you're planning on a tremendous overclock. I have an AMD FX-6200 running at 4.5GHz with a 7970, and the ingame FPS monitor always indicates that there is a CPU bottleneck, which, standing around in open areas is around 120, but in extremely heavy combat tanks down to 25-30.

So all-in-all, I urge you to at least consider a more expensive CPU if you want to play at smoother framerates, the GPU is not at all as important to the FPS in this game as a CPU is. 

So a 7850 and maybe a intel 2500k will do him better?

My £460 pc runs planetside on medium - high settings with no lag (especially in the faction spawn base thing, runs smooth as a babies bottom even with 5 galaxy ships crashing into each other) except in massive firefights but my ram was only running at 1300mhz at the time aswell. 

XFX 7770 1gb

AMD Phenom 3.4ghz 965 (I think 965)

8gb corsair vengeance ram 1600mhz (running at 1300)

But aren't the 2 extra cores useless and the 4170 has a much higher ghz.


I know the game is very poorly optimized for AMD but I am expecting it to be fixed soon. (I hope)

So, what FPS are you running at when you're at, say, Biodome kneedeep with enemies, vehicles everywhere, explosions every and gunfire everywhere? I'm genuinely interested as I'm not content at all with my rigs performance in the game.

In Planetside 2, yes, or maybe even a 3570 instead of the 2500K if he's not planning on overclocking, since it's faster clock-for-clock.

Also, about the optimization, they've been talking about that for a very long while now, pushing the date forward ad infinitum (at least it feels like that). There's talk on the next big patch having it, but they said that about the last one too. You could wait and see, but if you're itching to play it, why not futureproof yourself with a powerful CPU and look toward a better GPU once you have the money and wish to play a game that'll actually utilize a powerful GPU.

XFX HD7870 Double Dissipation (FX-787A-CDFC)

Intel® Core™ i5-3470

ASRock B75M-GL  (One of the cheapest motherboards I could find)

Is 550w enough if I don't overclock?

Also thanks for the answers guys.

i still think a fx 6300 should be plenty.

if this site isnt lying.

I'm not sure of the fps as I only got to play for a day, I tried changing the frequency of my ram to 1600mhz and my motherboard died, waiting for my replacement at the moment.

But the fps felt quite high, it had no problems when there was loads of vehicles driving around but when we assaulted other places thats when the fps dropped, still playable but it was noticeable.

My now current build has a

XFX HD7870 Double Dissipation BLACK


ASRock Q77M vPro

And a 650w feeding with 88% efficiency.


I think my videocard and processor are alright now, but I might still want to save money on the motherboard.