Cheapest headphones that arn't crudy

I would like to know how cheap you can go and still get a decent pair of head phones. Fry's has a ton of good deals four dollar ear buds, but they wern't quality. Most of the headphones I have used either one side of my ear buds get fried or my head phones the head band breaks on one side. I have glued it at least five times so not really worth it anymore. How can I get cheap head phones that don't hurt my ears from leaving it in to long?

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Phillips oneill earbuds are really comfy and are like $20' the braided ones, they have amazing sound, and 6hz to 23khz

you just need to find good quality cheap earphones with comforatble earbuds, or comfortable heaphone padding, usually for heaphones around the ear works best at staying comfy

The specked ones, the only downside, is that if you move a ton they amplify the noise

And use the included foam tips.

Ok thats good enough for me, but I have a friend that wants some ear buds that are low quality what can I get him? He wants ear buds that are the most basic of ear buds.

I would choose from the brand thats popular. like sony or philips.(they have some cheap $10 earbuds.) Another tip is try to check for thick wires, from my experience, thick wires means you would have less problems with one of the ear buds malfunctioning. 

personally i always just walk down to walgreens (drug store/pharmacy if you haven't heard of it) and buy some cheap stuff from a well known brand, (sony (i love sony), koss.. at a loss of others), right now i'm using a pair of sony "MDR-ZX100"s and for $20 there is absolutly nothing i can complain about

for earbuds i've bought these (or a variation of) for years, as many as i've gone through i can't call them very long lasting (the left tends to go bad after awhile, always the left), in compairison to other earbuds the audio quality is pretty damn good, not nearly as good as the afformentioned headphones though, the reason i buy them is for the shape and price, comfortable (to me, some people hate them with a passoin) and they never fall out

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Are we talking IEMS or actual headphones? And what is "cheap" (i'm assuming sub $30 and not requiring an amp)? ot knowing the specifics of your query i'm going to recommend an IEM, a closed pair, and an open pair. All around $20-$30.


Closed - Monoprice 108323

Open - Superlux HD681

They are all of good quality. If you're looking for something i'd consider "the cheapest i can get away with" It would be a pair of Philips SHE3590BK/10s.

I want ear buds because I'm going to be using a headset microphone and can't have the over the ear headphones.

For in ear I'd go

And for Over the ear headphones HD 202's

Where can I get them free shipping?

Good options

For closed on ear headphones I like the has400 /  has500

I got some cheap £10 sennheiser CX175 at christmas and I love them, still working perfectly, I also own a pair of PX360s from Senn, again good headphones, the cups come off a lot but it just requires some double sided sticky tape, I got them for £40, this is when a UK based company called Comet was going down so I got them :)

Sennheiser has never let me down, brilliant headphones and at some point I plan to go to their HD series, they maybe cheaper now :)