Cheapest 1920 x 1080 graphics card

Just got a new tv, so the old one is becoming the new monitor. PCI or PCIE interface is a must. I'd prefer that it have at least 1gb of GDDR5.

to do what?

just run the monitor, editing, cad, gaming? if gaming what quality?

No gaming, just a little photoshop and the monitor itself. maybe the occasional netflix marathon.

Basically anything from the past few years will meet your requirements of 1gb GDDR5.  Pickup something cheap from a decent brand and youll be set.

And the resolution? a 6670 will only do 2560 x 1600.

That means up-to 2560x1600.

You need to check what your CAD software likes. Sometimes it is better to get an old cheap Quadra, sometimes it is better to get two cheap 550ti's or two 6450's. Microcenter has 550ti's for$75. For a while you could find 6450's for $20, but the ones you can crossfire cost more like $50-60. A good heat sink is best so you can overclock the tar out of it (they overclock beautifully). Feel free to jerry-rig fans. We have all done it (best to use a case without a side window). 

You really need t check what your software needs though. Then check the electronics shops and ebay. Commercial cards are always best on Ebay. For a while Microcenter had 560ti's refurbished at $90, but they are all gone. I woud guess 80% went into Premier machines (mostly SLI'ed). Even a bargain-basement 5450 or GTX520 will help speed up a machine when watching a video or youtube. I just ripped the Hobbit using handbrake (I sold the DVD and wanted a copy), and I was shocked how fast it was on my FX-8150 machine with a 660ti. I made cool-aid and it was done. I would have let my old macbook run overnight.

also alot of older graphics cards have rediculous DOA rates, so check the reviews on whatever you get

and i'm assuming you don't have an intel processor, or anything with integrated graphics...

Nope, amd 4100 zambezi.

And I'm not using CAD.

650ti boost

newegg tiger

i'd call that reasonable DOA rates for something that cheap

Check Newegg. I sold a 5450 for $15  a few months ago. I sold a 1gb 6450 for $25 (free shipping). I saw a 6450 For $20 (no rebate) at Microcenter recently. THis will work nicely for you. I would also search GTX 520. Sometimes they are $30 with a $20 rebate.

My god people stop crowding him. He asked for the cheapest, that would be a HD 5450/6450, doesn't matter if its' 512mb, even an FX5500 which are still being sold for some reason can do 1920x1080. Obviously for his uses it won't suffice. But a 30$ 6450 will.