Cheaper 2X2080ti dual fan or go for the 2X triple fan expensive ones?

Hi guys i just about to order my new pc and and i notice a sale in the shop for a dual fan 2080 TI and i wonder if i should take it over the triple fan design for my SLI setup and save 250$

my initial thought was to get
2 X GeForce PNY RTX2080Ti XLR8 OC Triple Fan…d-XLR8-Edition

or 2 X GeForce RTX2080Ti WINDFORCE OC…TWF3OC-11GC#kf

with AORUS NVLINK™ BRIDGE 4-Slot. both cost 2750$ in my country
on the other hand the 2 units of dual fan GALAX RTX2080Ti Dual Black or zotac dual fan will cost me 2500$…ti-1click.html

sould i save 250$ and go for the GALAX dual fan?
or go with the triple fan design?

i know some said it is better get a blower fan for sli
but the 2X blower will cost 2850$ ( 350$ more than the cheapest 2080ti option… no joke )… no backplate, low factory OC
and with my personal experience right now with 2 gigabyte 1080 ti windforce oc triple fan i am getting good temps and good auto oc and everything rock stable… so i dont see any logic go with the cheap built quality of the asus blower turbo etc and also paying extra.

Sounds like an all-out setup. I’d go with the tripple fan Gigabyte. Just because i’ve had gigabyte and had great experience with them. I never owned a PNY or, let alone a Galax card. If i’d be spending this kind of money, i’d be dropping it on a company i trust.
Yes, this is entirely subjective and non-scientific. But i think the differences in cards are so miniscule nowadays, that performance wouldn’t be a huge factor here.

This is nothing against PNY or Galax. I’ve not had any experience with them, but have had great experience with gigabyte. That’s all.

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Is there a none of the above checkbox?

thanks domsch . And adubs with answer like this you probably think i use them purely for gaming… i use them for GPU rendering and i need the nvlink feature for getting more GPU memory than 11GB. other brands costs much more so the cheapest are gigabyte galax zotec and pny here.

Well if you dont care about thermals and you dont care about clocks then sure. I can understand that. I’ve got PNY quadros at work and they do pretty good but run fairly warm (not unusual for single slot blower cards). I hate anything gigabyte though mostly I hate their motherboards because their bios are just junk so a GPU probably isnt going to be as big of a deal (my hatred comes from anecdotal evidence of everything high end I have bought from them just being cheaply made and generally trash). I would stay away from zotac. Galax is probably ok but I have 0 experience with those due to them being basically korean only for a long time.

I completely disagree with the above statement that the difference in AIB cards are minuscule, especially with nvidia cards.