Cheap pc case with window

Need a pc case with a window, painted interior and cable mangement! please give me some suggestions!

what's your budget?

£30-45 no more really

If you're up to some case modding, I would get the Logysis Area 51. All you need to do is cut out some holes for cable management and your all set to go

Hmm, a Zalman Z11 is a good one. Decent cooling, lots of space, great style( IMO), and can fit fairly large cards, like the Gigabyte Windforce OC 7970.

Found the sharkoon T28, £40 second hand and really nice features

I personally like the Cooler Master Storm Enforcer for a budget case, fairly cheap, a few fans, window, nice cable managment area 

I second the Zalman Z11. Really great budget case, just buy some extra fans and it runs pretty cool.