Cheap PC Build

need a part list for a pc build i already have this case

& a dvd drive need the rest for a friend i don't got a budget but need it to be cheap wants it also to boot fast SSD is an option

What is this pc going to be used for? For web browsing and lightweight purposes you could get something like this; it includes a graphics card, so you wont be needing that. However, if you need more performance, you could get an i3-2100 or even a 3570k

if you can swing 20 extra then this will be better CPU with a promo code

promo ends on the 7th so make up his mind before then, it will be a faster CPU and a better iGPU too

I would not recommend that unless its a low demanding office computer (word documents and that is about it) that uses low wattage

i'll see if i can salvage some parts from the dead desktop they set me like the 320HDD & its sata cables