Cheap new build. will it work?

will this cheap ol' build work.


Dude, just get the A10-5800K. Drop the optical drive or something. The A10 is only like $15 more. 

Agreed, the a10-5800k will give you a significant performance boost and is an all around great chip for the money.

i would get both the a10 and optical drive.

the optical drive you might need it in some ridiculous situation so i would get both. .... This combo is  a little bit more expensive but better (Mobo and A10 CPU)


The PSU could be improved. It has an 80 PLUS stamp, but not many reviews, all bad if any. I would suggest the Corsair Builder Series 430w, high quality product, and for a little more it can be semi-modular.

ok thanks

Tthe combo suggested by Cody3000 is a very good deal. Get the Corsair Builder 430W if you intend to only use integrated graphics. If you intend to add a good video card later, than get the Corsair Builder 500W.That hard drive is really small and youre not really saving that much money on it. You can find a 500gb for around $55 and a 1 TB for around $70 if you look for the sales. 

Also, do you intend to overclock? If so youre going to need a better motherboard (

Here's a couple suggestions: