Cheap, large (40''+) 1080p monitors (Europe)

I just found out that my account here still exists, that’s lovely, it’s been a year or so I think.
Anyway, Wendell was talking about the cheap “dumb display” Korean monitors in a recent video, but I’m having a bit of trouble finding those. I need to get rid of my TV because of a very silly reason, radio/broadcasting/TV license fees. They’re 30€ per month(!) and even though I don’t even have a cable subscription and I only use my TV as a large monitor, I’d still have to pay them. So I’m selling the TV and getting a large monitor instead.

The requirements are: size around 40’’ (larger would be nice but isn’t necessary), 1080p (I have no use for 4k on my big screen and I don’t want to pay extra for that), “dumb display”/no DVB tuner (at that point it would be considered a TV again), somehow available in Europe (ebay sellers, etc. would be fine) and it should be as cheap as possible. The only thing I could find were the Iiyama LE4340S which costs almost 500€, and some samsung monitors that only really go up to 32’’. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

edit: okay I found this for 270USD including shipping:

Interesting, I would need a stand/mount for it but that looks like the thing I’m looking for. I just literally haven’t heard of this brand before. From a commercial display that is meant for 24/7 operation I’d expect it to last, but I just don’t know how much you can trust their advertisements.

Chances are you’ll have to pay them anyway. Your PC can be used for watching television via the internet, making it a TV from the law’s perspective. That and your mobile phone may include a radio.
Whether this is the case obviously depends on your country so make sure to check the details.

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Wait… you have to pay a fee to use a television?!

I already checked my specific case, since 2015 a pc doesn’t count (as long as it doesn’t have a TV card) because a brave man fought a courtcase for us, and mobile phones, just like car radios, don’t count as a radio either. In my specific case a monitor like that literally solves the problem.

Yes, it’s silly isn’t it? The state runs broadcasting services and we have to fund them with taxes. And if you in any way are capable of picking it up (or even if you own a device which is capable of doing so) you need to pay. They have collectors checking peoples homes for TVs and radios every once in a while, it’s ridiculous. But I don’t plan on spending 30€ a month on this nonsense. And yes, the monitor does solve the issue for me, I already checked. My PC doesn’t count and neither does my phone.

This is a fact. It doesn’t matter how or what media you consume in the UK you have to pay the BBC regardless and its about £125 per year.

Currently in ireland, the internet isn’t included in the tv license but their working on it.
Even if you have an attena attached to a house you are renting, not attached to anything you have to pay the tv license

I bet that they’re trying their best to change the legislation here as well, but I am somewhat hopeful due to that 2015 courtcase that I described. People are tired of this bs, and if I just don’t have to pay for a year that’s already more than 350 bucks, which should hopefully be enough to buy the screen itself.

And the last thing I found were Vizio “TVs” (home theater displays they call them) which don’t come with a tuner. They seem to be the only company selling TVs without tuners, and those TVs are 4k, but they seem to be competitively priced as far as I can tell. But I’m not sure if it’s worth it to import them into Europe.

I’ll probably just get a projector instead. Less hassle and I can actually buy those here.