Cheap Korean monitors 3 years on

So it's been around 3 years since Logan's video on the X-star/Qnix 1440p monitors.
Since the video I've gotten myself a 21:9 display, but I've been meaning to get a couple of value 27" monitors for either side.
So, to those of you who own any of these Korean monitors, how have they fared throughout the years?

Ive got an amh a399u
Ive been noticing ghosting recently
Less than a year old

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I kind of eyeing this one myself.

But yeah, not sure about potential long term problems. I'm currently using a Samsung 28" 4k display and I've been having one persistent issue - sometimes it doesn't actually turn on. I turn on the PC, but the display stays off. Have to force shut down and turn on again.

Hey ! 3 AMH and 1 Crossover owner ! 1 x amh a399U, 2 x amh a409u and 1 x crossover 404..........All doing well and no problems yet ! 1 409 is on every day.
Units purchased between april and july 2015 from Dreamseller.
No defective pixels, from the start (lucky me....bought at the right time) and I had problems with one unit that would shut off after about 20 to 40 seconds and it was replaced without any delay or charge !
Bleed is hardly noticeable, I have to look for it ! and color balance is good. (they do require a few minutes to stabilize color wise)
All monitors on 7990/r9 390II 16gb/gtx690
edit 1 = special note, they are ALL on smart UPS (line voltage regulation in case of over or under voltages)

I've had the Qnix QX2710 for 2 years now as my main monitor, absolutely no regrets. I usually shut down my PC when I know I'll be out the house for awhile but my monitors have been on pretty much since I set them up, I'd say it has anywhere from 12,000-15,000 hours of operation while receiving a signal, and so far the Qnix hasn't skipped a beat. Its advertised to do up to 120Hz when OC'd but in my experience, anything above 75Hz you get significant dropped frames.

Overall, I'd definitely say it was a worth-while investment. I really wish they made one with freesync, it would be my next monitor if they did, but I also plan on getting one of the Korean 40" 4K models to use as my main.

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I got the X-star 1440p straight after that video and i've used it daily, still works a gem. The only annoyance was not with the monitor itself but with UK customs. I got charged £80 ($105.07) for import and all that.

I've only had the crossover 289k for about 6 months now. But still no problems. Works perfectly, no dead pixels at all. Managed to get a desk mount for it and it feels a lot better than just default stand. Even tho the default stand is surprisingly high quality for a "cheap" monitor.