Cheap headset?

So my roccat kulo plugs doesn't work probely anymore, That means i can't chat with people, and i can't hear stuff, which is quite annoying to sy the least. What i wanna know if you can get any good, cheap headsets, that are reliable. It's really quite important to me to be able to chat with people, so all help is appreciated.

Btw this headset is only 2 months old or so? I really don't have any clue what's wrong with it.

I don't really have a budget, expet i want it pretty cheap.

Turtle Beach x12. Amazing sound for the price and its been working for me for 2 years so far. Also works with xbox.

roommate had one of those. worked pretty good. uses thae audio jacks, plus usb for power

The Rosewill RHTS-8206 Gaming Headphones. I've been using them for a few months now. I've got to say, for the price. They are worth it! Check my video review out on them.

you could get those or a couple others manufacturer refurbished for pretty cheap. I got some for 40 bucks a year ago and they work amazingly


UNfortuntly, rosewill don't sell their products in my country. OTher whise, thanks for the reply.

Those maybe a bit to pricy for me atm, as i'm also planning on building a new computer. what about the Turlte Beach Ear Force p11?

logitech h390 easy to find at best buy and they work

fine with google talk