Cheap Hackintosh?

     Hi! My dad is a huge mac guy while im into windows all the way. He has a IMac from about 2005. He is getting tired of how slow the computer is running in safari when he has multiple tabs open. The one ghz dual core CPU and the one gig of ram is not cutting it anymore. So i was wondering if there was a system that is mini itx that could let me slap OSX on it while letting my dad do his taxes and pay bills and browse the web while staying reasonably quiet.



After doing a bit of reading up on hardware compatibility for a hackintosh I created a build for you that should do the job nicely

The power supply should also give you some headroom if you want to add a compatible low power GPU in the future

Can you drop some extra RAM into his existing iMac machine?

it might breath in some life into it, especially when it comes to safari. It's a cheep and quick upgrade that might make it usable as a second/spare computer.

+1 to this. The early iMacs are very easy to take apart and upgrade. It's only the later ones where this is not advisable.