Cheap Graphics card recommendations (UK)

I am looking for a new graphics card for an A8-3700K APU, as a prelude before I completely renovate the system to an AMD FX proccesor (please don't troll me over liking AMD). I want somthing quite cheap (under £65 would be nice) that can play various games (GTA-4, E Shogun 2), not necessarily in ultra-graphics though, as long as it stays above 30 FPS, and doesn't stutter to badly I'm happy. I'd be happy with an AMD or GTX GPU, allthough if I had the choice I'd go AMD as I've only got a 500W corsair PSU.

Any help you could give would be apprieciated


Hmmm, your a bit limited on choice. You choices are:


  • 7750


  • 640 (depends where from to if it fits in budget)
  • 630

 Note there is a huge performance difference between the 630 and 640

Yeah, I agree with zanginator, your choices are really limited to that. I know you said you wanted new, but you could probably snag a used decent AMD 6850/6870 series card for that price that can give you everything you want in the games you mentioned. Though I'm not certain with the 7750 but I know the 7770 gives free new games when you buy it from certain retailers so that is a plus.

Thanks for the advice, I've taken a closer look at the Radeon 7750, and allthough it seems great for your shaders and win aero stuff, it doesn't seem like it's been geared to gaming, so I'll probs cruise around a bit on Ebay and the Amazon used sections.

Thanks for the help, Isaac.

isaac lowe when do you actually plan on upgrading to FX? cause it might be wirth just waiting