Cheap GPU

I am winderung what would be the best GPU for me. I will be connecting to a 60" pasma t.v and I will not be playing many games, mainly quite light games. I don't want to use on-board graphics because I have head they arn't that good for connecting to large moitors. I am looking for a cheap, but good quality card. The crad must have at least 1 HDMI port. Would the "PowerColor AX7750 2GBK3-H" be a good option for me?


I was going to just say the 7750 but I see you have it in mind. The HD 7750 is a very good graphics card for medium settings gaming and is good enough to handle 60" but don't expect good FPS whilst playing games on 1080p. The 7750 will handle the desktop fine.

Here is a card that might work for you.

You can get a HD 7770 for around $100 or a 650TI for around $120 both would suit you fine

Thanks, everyone!!