Cheap gaming rig finalizing

I have another pc i can gather parts from. I have the OS, hard-drive, optical drive, mouse&amp;Keyboard, and monitor. Monitor resolution is an abysmal 1366x768. My final budget is around 290~. I already have these parts picked out, but i would like to get a final lookover before i buy(<a href=""></a>). I realized that the ram is out of stock, so if someone could also refer me to a cheap ram like that also. I'm not trying to play the most demanding games. I'm only trying to run minecraft, league of legends, and tf2 with decent fps. I'm hoping this forum can help me finalize the build so i can pull the trigger already.

Thank you for all your help.

That will run those 3 games decently, however i wouldnt spend 55 dollars on a old dual core. Can you pay a maximum of 290 now or could you wait for mail in rebates? A 750k or a phenom 2 would not be far off.