Cheap gaming pc

Hello, forum

I'm pretty new to this forum, registered ~5 mins ago.

I'm willing to build a cheap pc, that can run new/ish games (~400-450$), I live in europe, but i prefer to buy pc parts. I will mostly use my pc for gaming, doing homework, watching streams/videos, no editing tho. I have a CD of Windows 7 right next to me, so i don't need a new OS. Only interested in PC, nothing else. I already have an older pc, so i already have an case i can use.

I don't really care about graphics in games, fps is where it's at for me. I would play at 1280x1024, because of my monitor being almost like a square. Right now, mostly i'm playing League of Legends, but i will probably play some FPS games aswell. Maybe some Skyrim. Nothing too fancy.

No wifi on here.

personally i wouldnt go with the above set ups because they include a week CPU, and Skyrim and similar games are not graphically demanding, they are CPU intensive. i didnt include HD's because it would be best to reuse the ones you have and then get a solid SSD when you can afford one.

The only thing that I would drop is the optical drive if you have one spare laying around. I hope that the money symbol is the actual usd so i usd google currency converter and this is close as I would get.