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I have built pc for my freinds who know exactly what they want but they dont know how to do it. I have always done it for free because they are my freinds to get them over to the PC. Well now that its time for me to upgrade I dont really even though what i want. I dont have a whole lot of money. Would anyone who sees this forum post respond with some parts that are about $250-$500 that will play battlefield 4 at either 1080p-720p. At at least 30fps. Thanks to anyone who responds.

My thinking behind this. Feel free to recomend changes



                                                                                                                                        Parker. W

3x posts?

Thank you to you guys who respond i will take all of these recomendations into account when i go to build my computer. Thanks!

I had a post before but that disapeied (this forum is getting worse and worse) here you go

The PSU has 22 AMPs on the 12v rail but the 400w one most likely does not.

And the MotherBoard works for CPU's upto 100w 

That motherboard is incredibly old and has a very weak 3+1 power phase design.  It was for the Athlons, and I wouldn't use that with the FX-line of CPUs.  There is also little to no cooling.  I would only use a FX-4300 on this board, at the most.

Non 80+ certified power supply.  Most power supplies that come with cases are of incredibly cheap quality.