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Hi, Im Parker


I have built pc for my freinds who know exactly what they want but they dont know how to do it. I have always done it for free because they are my freinds to get them over to the PC. Well now that its time for me to upgrade I dont really even though what i want. I dont have a whole lot of money. Would anyone who sees this forum post respond with some parts that are about $250-$500 that will play battlefield 4 at either 1080p-720p. At at least 30fps. Thanks to anyone who responds.

My thinking behind this. Feel free to recomend changes



                                                                                                                                        Parker. W

I would go for this is you need a whole pc for around $500. Also try to get the r7 265 over the 260 x as it is quite a bit fast for $15 more.

I know a lot of peoples feeling on MATX AM3 motherboards but after doing some digging it will work great. 

Also the power supply that comes with the case is 80+ bronze and the 12v rail has 22amps with the R7 260x only needing 19 amps. But the 400w PSU you picked didn't tell how many amps it has on the 12v rail.

If there are any questions or concerns just ask. 

I built these based on the price-point of your example build, as I'm assuming that is what that was supposed to be.

The only reason why my build is more expensive is because i opted for a liquid cooler that is currently being sold on ebay for a fantastic buy it now price.

It's got a 240mm AIO liquid cooler, a motherboard with a substantially improved 8+2 digi+ power phase design, faster RAM, a significantly improved graphics card, a better power supply and a case with a side panel window through which to see it all.

This one switches to a socket AM3+ build, but attempts to keep as much of everything else as possible. The RAM has been switched back to 1600 MHz and the HDD has been dropped to 1TB.


if it were me.I have built a APU system before so here.

Mind you.There was an issue running Saints Row 3 But i believe they have addressed that issue.Also that motherboard it only a temp board.You may want to upgrade later.But you should be able using Mantle,play up to 60FPS games.But in Medium graphics for some games.For a graphics card You should upgrade to what he can afford.But this is reasonable an should be great. $610