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I have built pc for my freinds who know exactly what they want but they dont know how to do it. I have always done it for free because they are my freinds to get them over to the PC. Well now that its time for me to upgrade I dont really even though what i want. I dont have a whole lot of money. Would anyone who sees this forum post respond with some parts that are about $250-$500 that will play battlefield 4 at either 1080p-720p. At at least 30fps. Thanks to anyone who responds.

My thinking behind this. Feel free to recomend changes



                                                                                                                                        Parker. W

you could save a bit of money on the RAM. pick up a set of Ripjaws that run at 1600 mhz for about $70, or on sale for $60, same performance as the Corsair RAM. Drop the optical drive and install your OS with a flash drive. Other than that I wouldn't make a lot of changes. The best thing when doing a build is to decide what you want it to do within your budget, then go do some research.

Got it down to $500

4GB of RAM is sufficient to start with.

I agree with this build. If you can stretch to it, I would certainly go for the 8GB RAM kit as it will help squeeze a bit more speed out of those higher end games. But only if you feel you can afford it.