Cheap Gaming Laptop

My Father is shipping me off this summer to begin my internship as a wireless engineer and i need a new laptop


i need one that is preferably i5 or better and a low to medium graphics chip for basic gaming, it also needs to be light since i will be going all over the place and needs atleast one ethernet port


i dont care about the ram ammount or HDD size or speed becuase i will be putting in as much ram as the laptop can handle and a samsung 840 pro SSD 256GB, i would also be nice if it has atleast 1 usb 3.0

please dont recemend a Dell or HP i hate those 




I've seen quite a few cheap laptops that are "capable" for gaming...I can play some games on a $400-$500 dollar laptop the quality sucks but it works...(barely) If you spend a few extra bills you can get something meant for gaming that will do a much better job