Cheap Gaming Keyboard

Im currently looking for a cheap gaming keyboard and this one looks good but i am very unsure about. What are your thoughts?

IMO, a cheap gaming keyboard is just a cheap keyboard. I'd just get a standard $15 logitech keyboard and run with it, little to no  reason to pay for needless thrills on a rubberdome keyboard.

go to good will, find the oldest PS/2 Keyboard, Media Keys are a plus, go to the dollar store and buy some Oxyclean, corn starch and hydrogen Peroxide and make up some Retr0Brite

this will honestly feel more comfortable and work better than some generic rubber dome keyboard, really, I am 100% serious

make sure all the springs are working before you buy it

Cheap kb = cheap kb = cheap kb

Look at that advertised features and keys as that's the only difference.

damit, gigabuster beat me to it...


if you want a good keyboard for the cheap, look into an old ps/2 mechanical keyboard. ~25 bucks on ebay or about 10 at the local good will. clean it up a bit and you are good to go. the keyboard i use was made in 98 and still works amazingly. i actualy traded my razer keyboard for it... trust me, a 20 buck mechanical is WAY better than a 80+ dollar "gaming" keyboard.

"Retros before Hoes"

also gives you the satisfaction of doing a Retro restoration

"It won't blow if its retro"

I'm going to stop with these puns now its starting to get out of hand

I´m using my very first standard grey keyboard from 2000 which I got with my very first computer. Still works like a charm. I am cleaning it regularly so it always looks like out of the box. It doesn´t fit to the rest of my hardware but it´s very comfortable.

Lol man, thanks for the advise. Time to go dig up one of my parant's old model M's for my garage.

Somewhere in my loft I have an 80's era KB from an IBM XT, just need to find a wiring diagram to convert from PS to PS2.


PS yes I had one of these, and yes I am that old...

send a email to [email protected]

wendell has one he used on a a model M

if you do go new, don't get saitek. i'm going for a logitech g110, cause I really want the lit keyboard, i'm always in almost total darkness, and it's annoying to have to tilt the screen down to get light to see the keyboard

wowowow I want to try that, I have a model m coming in the mail :D thanks.

Did you mean PS connector as in the original DIN connector? If so, you could get an adapter for DIN to PS/2.

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