Cheap computer build solely for league of legends only

I want to have a computer just for league of legends with no lag at all(at least 40 fps) and I don't care if i have to put it on very low settings. I just want no lag and also my budget is 300$ at most cause I'm only gonna play LoL and few browsing. Can anyone please give me specs for this build. Thank you.

This is a question, not a blog post, Poo Poo man.

Why link such an outdated vid?

Just go AMD APU and be done with it.

Get an AMD A8/6 and you will be gaming on LoL at 60+ FPS.

300 wont do it, but here the least expensive basic built to get between 50 to 70 fps in lol: 

Mainboard : msi fm2-a55m-e33 :

CPU : a8 5600k :

Ram : ripjaws 2133 Gskill :

Aprox: 232 + shipping













The following are Australian prices, so you'll do much better.

Intel Celeron G1620 2.7Ghz 2MB cache 1155pin Boxed CPU - $45.00

ASRock H71M-DGS H61 mATX Motherboard - $49.00

Kingston ValueRam  4GB 1600MHz Desktop Ram - $43.00

WD 3.5"  "Blue" SATA3 500GB 7200rpm 16M Cache - $56.00

SHAW GT-DF1 GT Defence One Tower Case with PSU - $37.00

+ Most expensive GPU you can afford

Total: $230 + ??  (350~ with 7790, probably under 300 for you)


The above build is what I did for my parents, except they had an SSD and a better PSU. I bought a Saphire 7790 2GB card for my future build and put it in it ($129).

It runs Skyrim at 900x1440 on ultra with 2k textures and a bunch of mods at decent fps. (I put it on very high instead for stability)

People will tell you that you need to spend a lot more but you don't. At this price point you don't get optimal price/performance, but sometimes that doesn't matter. Don't underestimate the Celeron and 4GB RAM.

You just wanna play lol and browse. I gaurentee this will do the job.

Later on you can get a better PSU, an extra 4GB stick and a better CPU if you need. 

In my oppinion APUs aren't that great because they need fast memory, and a bit more of it. Memory prices at the moment are @#$^ed.