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Cheap case for e-atx motherboard


Hi there,

I’m looking for suggestions for a case that will support a 29 cm wide motherboard (Huanan dual xeon thingy). In general, I don’t care about tempered glass and rgb, but rather compactness, airflow and price.

Thank you in advance!


Define cheap.


I’m thinking around 60$/50€, perhaps that is dreaming, but I will also look at the second hand marked eventhough it is terrible (living in Denmark)


Most any case with an open design and a flat motherboard tray will support E-ATX as the edge of the board just hangs out there in the open case.

A quick search found this Kolink I can not tell you about its quality or suitability beyond the spec says it will support E-ATX. It is blooming cheap!


Deepcool has some cases, the d-shield v2 for around 50$ and the E-shield for ?
Both have the same frame, and i think you don’t need to mod any mounting holes, but the Front in both Cases is rather Bad for airflow, so you might want to mod that.

Technically, I can fit a supermicro X10drc ln4+ e-e-atx into it with a few moded mounting holes.


Two really good suggestions that I haven’t seen! I’ve actually been thinking about getting the same supermicro board if I can find more RAM cheap (128 GB is kinda not much), so good to know that I can make that fit.


it first looked like the Kolink and the deepcool use the same chasis, but they clearly don’t.

Even though the Kolink looks to fit E-ATX space whise, it doesn’t look like there are mounting holes prepared for that.

The Deepcool Shieds do have them prepared though.
@Ingolf2k Be aware that on those, i had to drill some new mounting holes, and some can’t be used for the E-E-ATX X10drc-ln4+ because they are over cutouts.
It is still enough mounting to have the board mounted secure, but some places, especially around the power connectors, where it’s rather tight and flexible.
Only two 3.5" drive cages which are riveted to the bottom.

And i really dislike the front on both, the D-shield V2 and the E-Shield, i’d advise some modding of those.


Thank you for the clarification. It seems that the deepcool with some modding is the better choice, it is also significantly cheaper here in Denmark. Did you need to remove the 3.5" drive cages to support the supermicro?


If you can find the MasterBox 5 for cheap, that should do the trick…
I’ve seen it moving from 55 to 70 euros, so…


Negative, the cages can be left in place.

I can post actual pictures this afternoon.


That would be much appreciated.

@psycho_666 the MasterBox 5 also seems to be viable option with presumably better airflow, however, it comes at an increased cost here in DK compared to the deepcool cases…


Rough outline of an EEAtx with that green tape.
As you can see, the top right corner is free-floating.
It is the deepcool D -sh… V2

Here with the mentioned Supermicro board.

Any other questions?


Awesome! Thank you so much. I’m gonna order the deepcool case right away. No more questions!