Cheap butgood tablet for media consumption?

I'm thinking about getting a tablet but I'm having trouble deciding which one.

The budget is kinda tight (under 100€ including microSD card) and my requirements aren't that high (videos, web surfing) but I don't want something that fits the budget but will be outdated very soon (had that experience with all my previous Android smartphones).

720p is a minimum while it doesn't have to run with Android (Windows would be fine too, as long as it's snappy). The build quality doensT have to be outstanding but I don't want it to break right after the warranty is over (or even sooner).

I know I'm asking for a lot with this tight budget but it is because of this tight budget that I'm not able to just buy a new one, so I want it to last as long as possible.

I'm located in Austria, so unfortunately the Hisense Sero 7 is not available here. This is what I get to choose from considering my location (retailers) and desired specs ->

There are some tablets that would fit my budget but I have no idea which CPUs/brands are good and which aren't worth the money.

Thanks for any recommendation in advance!