Cheap build for light gaming and school work, suggestions wanted badly

I am building a cheap ~300 dollar system for my girlfriend's family. I want them to have good performance in games and general stuff, but they can't afford much, so i thought of trinity.

Is this a good build overall? Should i wait to get a 6670 to work in hybrid crossfire, or not? What Ram should I use?

I have a hard drive already.

newegg link:

Can't comment on the filters as I don't have much experience with them. As for the build itself, everything looks okay to me. Maybe a slight overkill on the power supply.

Get this ram instead:

I wouldn't bother with fan filters. They're a pain in the ass to clean a lot of the time, and dust just ends up in your case anyway. Not to mention that they restrict airflow.

I would get some better quality fans, and maybe a better case if you can find one. Everything else looks good, but I'm not sure how well this thing is going to play games. It'll probably play most games on low or medium settings.

Thank you for the ram suggestion, but, and this is based on a rule of thumb I learned at toms hardware, 8/1600=.005 while 9/1866= .0048 and the apu's have been shown to have better gpu performance with 1866 speed ram. Also apu's run so cool with their stock cooler that it barely matters, and we will have a air can inside the case to clean them often. I may getto-fab filters in if that's the case though.

Psu swapped.

Has anyone seen if there are any benchmark comparisons of the A6-5400k vs. A8-5600k as cpus? Ihaven't seen any.,3224-8.html

Only one stick of RAM? 

If I may recommend a build.

 It comes out to $404 after tax in shipping (California) but it has 35 dollars in rebates and will out perform your setup. No fan filters however but they aren't really necessary. The only thing I would maybe add would be a low profile heatsink that isn't as loud, but for the price range nothing really comes close.

Is there a drastic increase with dual channel?


Thank you, I'll stick with the A8.

The A8 appears to rival the Phenom fairly well:

If a better gpu is what you're aiming for, then A10 or add a 6670?

If you get the A-10 you will have a much better experience then the phenom at 3.2ghz. I would still recommend a low profile aftermarket heatsink however. Maybe the Gemni II from coolermaster. It will run cooler and quieter then the stock APU Heatsink.  If you get the a10 then look at hybrid crossfire in the future for better gaming in the IGraphics don't cut it for you :)



Ok, i'll switch to the A-10. But this being a value build, is the geminII really necessary? The house is usually a low temp, and we won't be oc'ing a lot out of the box. Also, sorry for the late response.

You dont need to get the unlocked version, but if you do it will be faster. Even a slight overclock is a slight bit faster ;)