Cheap blenders?

I have been getting really into making healthy ice cream like smoothies with fruits and veggies for meals and am suddenly realizing the inadequacy of my current low-end blender.

For those who are into this sort of thing, what type of blender/ food processor do you have? I am very jealous of those I know with Vitamix’s but I cant fork over the $300-500 for that.

I might have to go half way or under 200$. Can someone suggest me?


I’ve been looking for a blender myself

My parents have one of those $25 food processor things, shake it a few times and it’s more or less a blender.

I dont like my small Philips blender. It cant process reasonably large chunks of ice - it has to be about 1cm x 1cm x 1cm, otherwise it just jams out.

It is a small capacity blender too, it can only carry about 0.5 - 0.75 L volume of stuff.

i have used Oster and Hamilton Beach blenders most of my life. They have done the job. I do have a Hamilton Beach Emmie Food Processor that is still going. The blender is a Walmart brand and it is okay.

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Probably not what anyone wants to hear but Vitamix. Mine is basically a family heirloom at this point.

Maybe get a cheap one for now and look for a used one?

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