Cheap and a good motherboard

Hey guys the title says it all just to add info im using 1155 CPU so can u help me out guys?

  1. Budget?
  2. Which cpu do you use exactly?
  3. Which feutures do you prefer?

If you're on a budget (You didnt specify one) , I would suggest the ASrock Extreme4 , quite cheap and offers a nice experience for some light overclocking. 

Cant really help you here buddy if theres no criteria

-money limit?



Hey srry for not replying my router fuzzed and i had to wait for a new one

Ok it will be kinda of a budget ill be using a intel core i5 3570k(i saw it on sale) and a decent overclock capability (i don't understand nothing of the feautures so im saying a decente overclock capability :\)

Again srry for not replying