Cheap acer 144hz monitor or suggestions?

Hello there,
So I've been playing a ton of overwatch and now i have a sudden urge to get a 144hz monitor to better compete, so ive been looking at the cheapest 144hz monitor available and i stumbled upon this Acer GN246HL and its about 250 CAD and ive been researching about this and found that people either love it or hate it saying and i quote "Selling a gaming monitor without backlight strobing? This is just junk. They've struck a "144hz" in there and hope someone will be dumb enough to buy these." so i dont understand what backlight strobing is and how it is relevant for gaming and now im holding off and waiting for someone here to enlight me on whether to buy it or go for something else.

oh and feel free to suggest any alternative cheap high refresh rate monitors. Thanks!

I've got a higher end Acer Gaming monitor(the XB240H) and haven't had any issues with it. You'll love 144hz it's awesome; I'd also recommend Gsync or Freesync if you weren't on such a tight budget. Mine is a Gsync monitor and other than the price(around $400 US) it's awesome. You might look at dream-seller's items on eBay; that's where Wendel has purchased a lot of monitors with success. They have some 144hz monitors at around the same price as the Acer you mentioned.

NCX said that this monitor suffers from horrible overshoot ghosting and uses PWM dimming so be aware. I wanted to try it out as well but after reading that not so much.

I have the "AOC G2460PF" And it's pretty great, free-sync as well, although it's 340 CAD

oh i dont know half the stuff u mean but the next cheapest 144hz monitor is BenQ XL2411Z and is 60$ more expensive is the trade off worth it ?

that well exceeds my range dude :( and its 352CAD now!

It's the cheapest one in the US, why must you live in that barren frozen wasteland.

$209 USD

but really just look up reviews for stuff you're looking at.