Cheap 1440p monitor?

So i have a nice computer rocking a GTX 970 but i only have crap monitors. One of them is a 19" "1080p" samsung tv that won't scale properly no matter what i do so it's stuck at 1366 by 768 the other is an vga monitor that came from my old emachine that runs at 900p. So i'm thinking about saving up for a 1440p monitor. it can not have either hdmi or vga as it's sole output and i would prefer one that is height adjustable. Can anyone point me to a good monitor that's relatively cheap ? I don't have a specific budget but the more expensive the monitor the longer it'll take for me to obtain it.

This is the cheapest decent non korean panels you can get.

I have the same panel right now but I spent 50 bucks more and got the asus one that has a better stand.

What do you need?

Colour accuracy? BenQ BL2710PT is very good IPS 1440p 10bit 100% sRGB.

sorry i forgot to say. I use it mostly for coding and gaming.

If your not bothered by colour a TN panel can be significantly cheaper and will do for coding and gaming (if your not bothered with colour). I would highly suggest you go for a 27" monitor at 1440p I find its just in that right spot for DPI to screen size.

How cheap is 'cheap' in your mind?

400 us dollars is about my limit

I personally lover my Asus pb278q but that one is right at your price limit and there are probably cheaper options.

i wonder if there is a cheaper version of that monitor made my asus? asus usually makes great products.

there might be I know they make a 25 inch modle but the 27 inch is a really nice size.

Monoprice sells some nice and cheap 1440p ips monitors.

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a 25" would still be an upgrade in size to my biggest monitor (21" vga 900p) 27" would be nice but 25" would be fine for me. The stand on those two are exactly the kind of stand i like.

Well then the 25 inch might be the way to go I will have to agree with you on the stand the stand is solid I have had to transport my computer and monitors a few times and that monitor didn't even shift while I was driving.

i'll probably go with that it's a little bit at the top of my range but it seems to have all the features i want Especially that stand

Also it seems to come with all the cables so i don't have to buy em.

yeah they do a pretty good job with providing cables

I got one of these recently, it's alright... don't know if i'd pay the full $350 but i'd pay the $280 i spent on it again

That one seems to be the popular choice. Where did you get it for $280?

newegg on black friday lol

Damn. ah well it still seems like a good monitor for the price.

my only gripe is the vertical viewing angle is kinda blah, the backlight bleeds through if you arent looking straight on