"Cheap" 1080p60 Starter Camera

I am looking into doing some documentary video work and I am looking for a basic starting camera.


I remember Logan gave a suggestion a couple years back to someone else, but I can't seem to find it or anything else on the forums about a 1080p60 camera, so I guess I'll re ask this question.

Hmm, what's your budget?  I could help you find a decent camera, but no one can really help you until you give them a budget.


I'm looking at the $100-$200 price range right now, but if I need to I can go a little higher.

See how low you can find a used Panasonic TM700

For corporate video this won't be great, and I'll probably catch hate for this, but I love the JVC Everio line. Also look into Vegas movie studio editing software. Those two are a great combination.


Can't beat that for the price, discontinued but still a great camera with a great sensor. Only downside is no EVF and it looks odd.

If it were me though, I would save up and invest in the Canon Eos line, more options if you want to upgrade/expand later.

Thanks everyone for your replies, I guess I'll wait a bit to get a couple hundred more dollars before investing in a camera.

OnePlus One.