Chassis Scoring Idea

So I've been thinking about this for a while and I think maybe the community is the best place for it.

What about a standardized scoring system for chassis?

This seems a bit large of a project for me to take on alone, with my resources mostly dedicated elsewise, but it seems like something that could be really useful.

Some initial thoughts:

Basic point system.

Start with a set amount of points for size, with larger cases being worth more points -- because added flexibility over added mobility.

So mITX might be 1 point, mATX mid tower 2 points, ATX mid tower 3 points, XL cases 4 points.

And then airflow options, i.e., fan mounting options.

1 point for every 120mm mount, 2 points per 140mm mount -- should rarer fan mounts count? How so?

And watercooling support -- should this be a separate category from fans?

Cooler headroom -- would need some sort of classification standard for coolers. Perhaps a low / mid / high scheme?

GPU length -- again, low mid high would seem to be appropriate here

HDD & SSD support

5 1/4 bays

Special features -- should USB 3 built in get extra points? What about windows?

I'll go by your points one by one:

  • Smaller form factors being worth less is 100% subjective. People that want an easy to transport/carry around system or simply want SFF because it looks better in certain scenario's will see the points turned around
  • 140mm is not worth double the points of a 120. Both worth the same point. Rarer fan mounts, of course they should count
  • Yes as 2x140mm fan support do not automatically mean 2x140 rad support. Clearance is the big issue here.
  • While I would agree, you're going for a point system so translate Low/mid/high to 1/2/3
  • Same as above
  • 1 point for HDD, 2 point for proper SSD dedicated mounts I would say
  • Some people want none, some people want lots for bay reservoirs or fan controllers or the like. Again subjective
  • 2x USB 3 ports is the standard nowadays. I'd give extra points for more special features like a built-in fan controller (2 points for the phanteks fan hub because that thing is the tits)
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Sure, it's subjective, but to create a standard, we have to make a call on some of these things so that we can actually compare two cases directly against eachother.

Maybe a poll?

That's the issue with creating a standard. Because a significant amount of factors when it comes to deciding on a case or which one is better, it's very difficult to make a standard which encompasses all subjective variables without tampering with the scores to a point where it's actual point value can be considered a review score, making it more of a personal opinion than an objective standard.

Also a flaw which I just spotted in the point system:

Say someone wants an mITX case. That case will, by definition, have less fan mounts than ATX or XL ATX (Bar a few exceptions). This further increases point differences between an mITX case and an ATX case without the actual case being worse. (Purely an example, numbers not accurate) For instance if an ITX case scores 21 then an ATX case could score 25 for just more fans alone, add in the 2 extra points for ATX you get 27 vs 21. This makes the ITX case seem like a MUCH worse pick but instead it's simply for someone that holds a different demand for a case.

Edit: A poll for what exactly?

A poll for subjective calls. So it's crowd-determined if, say, the ATX case should have more points for being bigger.

User's need are soo different and subjective that you can't give "scores" for a determined set of feature offered by a case. Also a point system will maybe drive less experienced users away from a product that may suite their needs just because a "low score". In my opinion only a set of feature and reliability should count as a reason to buy something and not a point system or an award system (like some review sites do).
Also how would you take in account a more essential case with a lower price than average? That case can be a great value but, with your point system in use, may be seen like a bad product.

In my opinion it doesn't solve anything unless there is an overwhelming majority for one side. If say ATX should be higher in point with something akin to a 40% of the total votes, that means there are 60% for which the point system concerning case form factor is not indicative whatsoever.

Maybe drop the form factor from the list and instead list it above the point score? Such as:

Score: 23

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You bring a very valid argument that I didn't think of yet but a point system could still be used, just not as a definitive score.

If you compare 2 cases you like and they compare 27 vs 27. As a general rule of thumb you can say they are approximately equal and buying either works. If they compare 20 vs 27 it could be used as a baseline while you compare in a more in-depth manner

Could always score value by price groups. <$100, $100-$200, >$200 would cover the major groupings.